About our facilities

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We have a choice of room options suitable for a wide range of leisure and community activities. All our rooms have free wireless as well as wired internet access and can be hired with a variety of audio and visual equipment including screens, projectors and microphones. The Main Hall and Meeting Room can be combined to create one really nice large room. This room will accommodate an event up to a maximum of 170 people. Please contact us directly for more information on prices.


We offer a flexible pricing scheme for all our rooms - you can choose to either clean up after yourself or pay a little extra for our concierge service. We offer discounted rates for the community and not for profit organisations. 

Online bookings will receive a quotation via email or you can ring us to discuss your needs. Registered users will have access to all their booking information, invoices, costs and calendar and can easily make repeat bookings and manage their account.

Main Hall

Capacity: 150 people
Location: 100 Demo Road, London, DE1 2MO

A light and spacious hall. Suitable for community groups, clubs, and larger gatherings such as family parties, presentations and meetings - it includes a serving hatch to the kitchen. Can be used together with garden room for larger numbers of people

Disabled access
Wheelchair ramp
Parking - Car parking spaces
Free car parking
WiFi included

Meeting Room

Capacity: 35 people
Location: 100 Demo Road, London, DE1 2MO

This is a meeting space (30 ft x 12 ft) completely separate from the main hall in a quieter area of the building. It is ideal for both business meetings and community bookings or as a break-out area

Hearing loop
Hearing loop available
Parking - Car parking spaces
Free car parking
WiFi is included
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